In music, classic is modern

Charme and sensuality in a deep Opera passion
Appassionante is a project started in 2002 at Overlook Italia: the goal was to create a classical-pop music crossover, characterized by three esotic-mediterranean beauties, as well as opera singers. This crossover between opera and pop music soon aroused remarkable interest. the girls began immediately to perform in various festivals and events. It's actually abroad where the final artistic consecration took place, through a collaboration between Overlook Italia and large german media companies. Appassionante was finally taking shape and embarking on a new path, that leaded to the release of the first album in 2005. Through an outstanding promotional plan, which saw them protagonists of both live performances and important TV shows, the three girls started to be acclaimed and appreciated throughout Central Europe, where their albums still have success.


Giorgia stands out for her delicate aesthetic taste and the innate elegance, manifested in any gesture, step or movement.


Strong, sexy and gifted with a magnetic look. Endowed with great instinctivity and an extremely passionate personality.


Amusing, lively, a bit wild sometimes, with her innate funniness and vitality she always communicate cheerfulness to those around her.